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No matter what Tree Service you need, Mason Tree Service can ensure the job is completed safely and with minimum disruption to your property. Our experienced team is professional, courteous and respectful of your time and property. We strive to provide the best customer service and open lines of communication from start to finish.

Tree Removal

Mason Tree Service can clear a property for new construction or clear a single tree, our crew can handle it all. While tree removal may sound like something you could do yourself, it can be hazardous to your safety and your property. Removal is most often needed due to a tree being diseased, dying or dead. You may also choose to remove a tree due to it’s inconvenient location or disturbance to your sidewalk or foundation. It could also be considered irreparably hazardous, a safety risk due to storm damage, causing an obstruction that cannot be corrected through pruning, crowding or causing harm to surrounding trees. There are many reasons you may want to remove a tree. Whatever the reason may be, let our trained professionals take care of the work for you.

Stump Removal

After clearing your land and removing trees, many times unwanted stumps are left behind. It takes a professional to completely remove the rest of your tree. Mason’s Tree Service is here to help you get that job done right the first time. Remaining stumps can be ground 4-6 inches below ground level leaving the area ready to be filled in with sod. While stump removal is not necessary, it is a fast way to erase remnants of the tree and keep your lawn looking polished. Once the area is covered, your lawn will look smooth again in no time!

Emergency Clean-up

We have our fare share of storms in Ohio, whether it’s a snow storm, hail storm regular thunder and lightening storm; any of which can cause hazardous problems with fallen trees in the road, in your driveway or even on your home or car. These situations can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to handle on your own especially if power lines are present. Call one of our professionals today to take care of this for you! 513-548-3516


Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning promotes healthy growth for trees and has the potential to increase property value. We encourage routine preventative maintenance to maintain an esthetically pleasing property.